Cyclades PathRouter-PPP
1-Configure Interface     2-Configure Hosts         3-Telnet
4-Reboot                  5-Configure Users         6-Router Management
7-Logout                  8-Ping                    9-Configure Dial-Out
Select option ==> 1
1-Ethernet                2-Link 1                  3-High Speed Async
4-Multilink Circuits
Select option ==> 2
1-X.25                    2-PPP                     3-Frame Relay
Select option ==> 2
                   S Y N C H R O N O U S     P P P
Clock source                       : External
Bandwidth                          : 64K bps
Inactivity timeout                 : none
Van Jacobson IP header Compression : Enabled
Type of IP addressing              : Unnumbered Ethernet
Send   RIP  : RIP1
Listen RIP                         : RIP1
NAT direction                      : Outside
Predictor Compression              : Enabled
Type of Authentication             : None